Stage Recognition by MC, Commemorative Trophy and opportunity to address the audience from the main stage
Privileged Seating and VIP Parking: 35 Tickets & 5 VIP car parking permits
Frequent Laser Logo Display
Slides: To be shown in the stadium (full details to be provided)
Booth Space: Booth Space: Premium 10' x 10' booth space
(we will customize the number of booths with your business requirement)
Print Advertisement: Commensurate with sponsorship
Video Screen: Frequent showing DVD/CD (Max duration 30 seconds) provided by the sponsor
Banner Displayed at 6 Prominent Places (Banner to be provided by the sponsors)
Banners inside Stadium-Behind Stage on Railing
Logo Display on Main Stage Banner
Website advertising for full one year
Meet & Greet Bollywood Stars
Social Media & Face book Promotion with request for Likes
Email eblasts of flyer with your logo to many thousands of subscribers